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Save money by reducing downtime and costly repairs. Not the Standard "Delete Kits" offered by other companies, our sophisticated method makes the old labor intensive solutions obsolete.

Tune My Trucks

Serving all Industries


Reduce fuel consumption 5% to 20% while improved power means you can reduce RPMs to do the same work.


Improve fuel efficiency 5% to 20% and increase power to give you the meaty power needed to dig, load and haul.


Save up to 3 MPG and increase power means you spend less time grabbing gears.


I sent my ECU to three different companies before finding Tune My Trucks and they got the job done the 1st time.

Mike B. Arizona

Thank you!  I am getting 3 MPG more hauling loads cross country. And the power improvement has just been amazing!

James W. Texas

I will only use Tune My Trucks for me delete needs. So easy and hassel free.  The turn around time is excellent.

Jose C. Puerto Rico

Thank you. It is operating very well. The adjustments to the rpm on the transmission are very good.

Jimmy K. Texas