How it Works

1. Purchase Package from website, if you need help feel free to give us a call at

2. Text the number "1" to 231-674-8863

3. We will send you a quick 2-4 minute questionnaire about truck

4. Do a forced regen on truck

5. Clear all codes from truck

6. Remove ECU from Truck

7. Ship ECU to:

Tune My Trucks. 

1285 N. Telegraph Rd. #188

Monroe MI 48162


7. We ship your ECU Overnight UPS back to you within 24-92 hours after receiving it. It's best you speak to us before shipping.


For a modest fee, we may be able to do a rush order for you.  When your order is processed you will receive an email from us which is a quick 2-4 min questionnaire about your truck asking you a few basic questions such as make, model, year, automatic or standard and other questions that we need to know before we can tune your truck. Also, about any other modifications you'd like to have made.