How to get 15% Cash Back on your purchase

How to get 15%* rebate on your purchase



We are offering a 15%* rebate for any Customer that pays with Bitcoin

                         *Up to $400


24 hours after purchase we will automatically refund 15% of the entire purchase price back to your BTC account



Next fill in you contact information


Choose your shipping method from the options listed, there is no discount code because this is a rebate and the system will automatically process it in 24 hours



Click continue to payment


Then in payment types you must choose the last option “Bitcoin with BTCPay Server”


Then click complete order


And finally Click “Pay with BTCPAY”



Which will bring up our invoice



Congratulations!!!! If you made it this far you deserve the 15% rebate!!!


A few tips and suggestions.


  1. ONLY send Bitcoin to this address, all other crypto currency will be lost.


  2. If this is your first time sending Bitcoin, send a small test amount at first such a $5 or $10 and make sure that it gets credited to invoice before sending the entire amount. ******


    **I truly can’t stress this enough, please, please send only a small test amount at first. Once you see the invoice has been credited for the small amount then go ahead and send rest of the payment.


  3. Remember it can take up 60 minutes before the money is credited to the invoice


  4. Due to high volatility in Bitcoin Price the invoice is good for 12 hours


  5. After payment is made in full you will receive a 15% rebate in Bitcoin in 24 hours hours back to your Bitcoin account, which you can trade back for cash or stash away and maybe next year it will be double that amount or more. (This is not financial advice, please do your own research, this is my own opinion for entertainment purposes)


And Thank you for being pioneers and taking bold new step forwards!!!



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