New REMOTE Tuning Maxxforce DT466HT & Maxxforce 7 Tuning DPF EGR Delete & Performance Add Power & Fuel Economy

New REMOTE Tuning Maxxforce DT466HT & Maxxforce 7 Tuning DPF EGR Delete & Performance Add Power & Fuel Economy

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International Maxxforce Tuning Package 

2007-2014 Maxxforce DT466HT

and all Maxxforce Engines


NOW ALL MAXXFORCE Engines are DONE remotely no more need to remove and ship ECU's

Tune My Trucks is the leader in tuning technology for International medium & heavy-duty trucks equipped with the Maxxforce diesel engines.  Our team has a combined 4+ years of true hands-on factory OEM experience. What does this mean for you? It means our tuning is SAFE, RELIABLE & most importantly it’s been PROVEN to work in the real world by real customers! We take great pride in knowing our customers are getting what they need & want out their truck, without sacrificing any of the important stuff like fuel economy, on board diagnostics, or pre-set safety points within the engine operating parameters. Unlike some of our competitor’s we don’t use trickery to fool the computer, we DO NOT CRACK OPEN the ECM (Retains Factory Waterproof seal) nor do we solder anything onto your ECM. We load our custom tune via a tuning bench & wiring harness's hooked up directly to the ECM, just like if it was installed on your truck. We guarantee our customer a simple plug & play install because we are able to bench test & simulate the ECM’s before being shipped back.

From adding more power to a stock truck, too adding a compound turbo system & more… TMT has all your Maxxforce needs covered! Our customers are reporting back anywhere from 1-3 MPG increase in fuel economy, improved power & throttle response, but what our customer’s love the most is the reduced maintenance & down time they're experiencing.

Our high performance tuning is designed for drag racing, off road competition or export to other parts of the world & may require EGR - DPF & Urea delete kits.

Product Features:

Increase Fuel Economy

Improve Torque & Horsepower

Can Be Done Remotely

*(Must have Nexiq 2 or similar and a good internet connection)

Reduce Maintenance Cost, Intervals & Downtime