NEW Remote Detriot Diesel  EGR DPF SCR DEF Delete DD13 DD15
NEW Remote Detriot Diesel  EGR DPF SCR DEF Delete DD13 DD15
NEW Remote Detriot Diesel  EGR DPF SCR DEF Delete DD13 DD15

NEW Remote Detriot Diesel EGR DPF SCR DEF Delete DD13 DD15

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All Services Provided Are ONLY for Off Road/Off-Highway/Exports & High-Performance Competition Applications. We Do Not Manufacture any Physical Products Or hold any Inventory The term "Delete" Is purely used as a marketing term, We do Not remove the DPF filter from the motor. We recommend leaving the filters in the stream to allow passive cleaning. We Are Not Liable For End Users Product Use & Product Control.


Custom ECM Tuning for your Detroit Engine. EGR, DPF, SCR, UREA Delete Tuning.

2002-2006 EGR -  $1999

2007-2010 (epa7) EGR, DPF - $2199

2011-2013 (epa10) EGR, DPF, SCR ,DEF $2299

2014-2017 (ghg14) EGR, DPF, SCR, DEF $2499

2018-2021 (ghg18) EGR, DPF, SCR, DEF $2999

Get your tuning done by a company started by diesel techs and enthusiasts like you that want to help you get the most from your truck! We take the time to write you the best tune possible, tailored to your needs. 

We use fully licensed software with real hardware with complete backup support.

Once we receive your ACM, MCM & CPC  (contact us for the location of each module) most are within 48 hours and shipped back UPS overnight. Our tuning process is completely safe and opening your modules will not be necessary. This makes for very safe tuning with a timely turnaround.


We Do not Sell the Standard "Delete Kits" you have likely heard about.

Our Method is more sophisticated.

We did away with most of the old labor-intensive needs with better programming.

The Emission system is converted from an active to a Passive system.

This allows the emissions system to still operate with the motor but without any of the costly downtimes of de-rates and maintenance shutdowns with active systems.

We have re-engineered everything completely top bottom.

Our Tunes are complete, not just permanent service-code deletes.

Majority of our Work is Completed without ever opening the ECU / ECM, safest possible Method.

  • Gain up to 50hp
  • Improved torque - 500 lbs
  • Increase fuel economy 1-3mpg
  • Increase reliability
  • Quick turn around time (24-48hrs*)
  • No more losing power going up small hills


Email us:   Include: Year, make, model & VIN we will email you a quote back in a couple of hours.


We do DD13, DD15

Contact Us for any other heavy-duty trucks like CAT, Cummins or Maxxforce 10, Maxxforce 11 Maxxforce 13 Maxxforce 15.  Or for any other heavy-duty trucks like such as Combines, excavators or other machinery.